Getting reminded (notifications)

Pagico offers a very flexible reminder system that lets you set up as many reminders (notifications) for tasks as you need.

To set reminders, you need to set a date/time in either the Start or the Due field of a task (or the Time field for notes). You will see the little popup panel showing up as you type the date/time. Once the date/time is recognized, you can enable the desired reminder options.

Here, 0m means the reminder will get fired at the set time, and 15m means it’ll get triggered 15 minutes prior to the set time, etc. Simply click to toggle on or off the reminder options.

Starting with version 8, Pagico on Mac and Windows (8+) will fire these alarms at the designated times using the new built-in notification feature. Please note that this built-in notification feature will only work when Pagico is running.

If you wish to receive notifications even when Pagico isn't running, you can connect Pagico to your calendar app to get reminded through the calendar app instead.

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