Linking Pagico to calendar apps

You can connect Pagico to your calendar app so you can see all your Pagico tasks in your favorite calendar app/service, and you may also get notifications (alarms) even when Pagico isn’t running. Based on where your calendar app is located, please choose an appropriate guide to read:

1. Native calendar app installed on the same computer as your Pagico app

If you plan to connect Pagico to your native Calendar app on your OS X, Thunderbird, or Microsoft Outlook (pre-2016 version), you can use the local calendar feed and please read this article. The local calendar feed is the fastest option, as it doesn't travel to our server and back to your computer unnecessarily.

2. Web-based calendar app.

If you plan to connect Pagico to web-based calendar app/service, such as Google Calendar, the calendar app on your mobile devices, or the latest Outlook (version 2016 or part of the Office 365), you'll need to set up a web-based calendar feed and please read this article. This method is slower, as Pagico will need to sync your calendar feed to our server, but it's required by the calendar apps/services to access your schedule data.

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