Using collections

Hi there, not sure if this is a feature request or cry for help! Would appreciate any responses

I'm a music producer - and it seems to make sense for me to base my work around collections, where each album I work on is a collection and the individual songs are projects. I'm finding collections to be very clunky though, for a few reasons:

1. I can't seem to add a project directly to a collection, I have to create the project, then in the collection window hit 'Add existing item' and find what I want. Excess clickage! Is there not a way to add new projects directly to whatever collection is open?

2. I can't seem share a collection, so that a client can see the overall progression of their album.

3. There's no summary page for a collection (with pie charts, like in projects), to see how far I am into an album

Are these missing features or am I just being thick?

Thanks in advance for any responses

~ Ru


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