Email-to-Task: Turn emails into tasks

This article describes a Pagico 10 feature introduced in February 2022.

About Email-to-Task

This feature gives you an email address unique to your Pagico ID account, and any emails sent to this address will be automatically forwarded to your Pagico Inbox as a task, or a task with the message linked as an attachment (if applicable).

Enabling and Disabling Email-to-Task

To enable or disable this feature, please go to the Preferences section (by clicking on the Gear cog icon in the toolbar), then scroll down and turn on the Email-to-Task toggle.


Please note that you'll need to be signed in to your Pagico ID account in order to see this option. If you disabled this feature, your auto-assigned email address will stop forwarding tasks to your Pagico Inbox. If you re-enabled the feature later, you may receive a different personal email address.

Other Details

Forwarding Interval

Our server will automatically check for inbound emails and forward them as tasks every 10 minutes. 

Task only, or task with file attachment?

If the email message is in plaintext format, then the forwarded task will be a single task only, with the message subject as the task title, and the body as the task description. If the email message is in HTML format or if it carries file attachments, the forwarded task will be a single task with the email itself attached to the task. The email message will be saved in the .EML format.

Automatic Date Processing

The Pagico server will automatically attempt to perform date recognition in the email subject line, so the forwarded tasks may be created with the correct start/due dates set.

Beta Status

This is a new feature and we are running it in beta status to monitor and continuously make improvements to both the feature capability and efficiency. If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear them! Please do let us know by creating a support ticket. 

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