Accessing projects and contacts via Tabs

In Pagico 10, every time you access a project or a contact, a new tab will be created if it isn't there. So if you need to access something you've recently been to, it'll probably be in the tabs area.


The Tabs Scroll Horizontally

When you have more tabs than the available space can render, please scroll left and right in the tabs area to reveal the additional tabs.

Closing Tabs

You can close individual tabs by hovering your cursor over a tab and clicking on the "X" mark. Closing a tab does not cause any data changes. It merely removes the tab item from the UI. Your data remains intact.

Re-Arranging Tabs

Tabs can be re-arranged by dragging and dropping the text labels. This way you can move the most frequently needed items to your preferred location so they can be easily accessed. The positions of your tabs are remembered across your Pagico sessions, so even if you quit and relaunch Pagico, the customized tab sequence will still be maintained.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard, and you'll see some number digits showing up under your first 9 tabs. While holding the CTRL key, press the digit to quickly jump to the corresponding tab. This is a quick way for you to jump between tabs without using the mouse.


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