Right-click menu commands that can save you time

The Universal Add Button

By default, the blue "+" button near the top of your sidebar lets you create a new task, or a new project depending on where you are in the system. You need to click on the "down" arrow button next to the "+" to create other types of data, such as notes, collections, etc. If you keep the sidebar minimized most of the time, getting access to these additional types of data types may be even harder.

In Pagico 10, you can right-click on the "+" button to see the other data types with ease.




Quickly Add New Things to Containers

If you want to add a new task to another container, simply right-click on its tab, and choose New Task or New Note from the menu.




Sort Pinned Items by Date

If you wish to sort all your pinned items by modified date (new to old), or to clear all pinned items, simply right-click on the Pinned Items header in your Dashboard, and choose the desired command.




Advanced Actions on Tasks & List Items

Lots of additional actions are available in the right-click menu for tasks, including smart snoozing, assigning to teammates, moving, copying, and even combined actions such as Complete and Archive.


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