How to edit templates in Pagico 10


All templates can be edited. To edit an existing template:

  1. Go to the Dashboard section and click on the Gear Cog icon to see a list of your existing templates
  2. You can rename the template by typing in the title field
  3. To edit the content of a template, click on the Edit button next to the desired template
  4. You will be looking at the template itself. Make all the changes you wish. All the changes are saved automatically.

Dated Information

You may add dated information, such as timestamped notes and tasks in templates. All the dates will be automatically shifted when the template is cloned into a new project or contact. The relationship among dates will be maintained. For example, if two tasks are 2 months apart in your template, new projects created from this template will shift the dates so that the first task starts on the day of the cloning, and the second task will be 2 months later.

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