How to create new templates in Pagico 10

You can create new container templates in Pagico 10. The templates can be used to clone new containers with predefined content, saving you time on repetitive content.

To create new templates, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new project (or contact) and edit its content to your desire
  2. Click on the Sandwich button near the top right corner, then choose the "Save as template" menu command.
  3. Name the template as you wish, then proceed with the save action.


Alternatively, you can check out prebuilt templates from our Pagico 10 Templates Pool for inspiration.


Sharing Your Template

If you are connected to a team, you can share your template with your team so everyone on that team will have access to the template. Alternatively, you can also export the template into an external package, which can be imported to another Pagico database. Read more about importing templates.

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