Unable to start Pagico 8 after trying Pagico 9 or 10?

If you are on a Mac and decided to revert to Pagico 8 after trying v9, then your Pagico 8 may not launch correctly any more. That's because Pagico 9 introduced a brand new backend component that is much more efficient. Unfortunately, Pagico 8 does not know how to utilize this newer backend component, causing it to stall at launch. To solve this issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Assuming you have already re-installed Pagico 8: Quit Pagico 8 if it's running.
    If you need Pagico 8 installers, please click here.
  2. Switch to Finder, and use the menu commands Go -> Go to folder..., enter the path below then hit ENTER:
  3. Delete this entire PagicoHelpers folder. You may need to enter your Admin's password to authorize this action.
  4. Launch Pagico 8 one more time, and proceed with the backend component installation as prompted.

Pagico 8 should relaunch just one more time, but should work at this point.

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