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Note: This article describes a feature only available in Pagico 9 or later.

Do you use Pagico on more than one computer, or mobile devices? If so, then enable the Personal Cloud feature to sync data across all your devices!

To enable or disable Personal Cloud, please go to the Preferences section and click on the "Personal Cloud" option.


About Personal Cloud

This is a data sync feature that syncs everything in your database across all your devices. Just make sure you are signed in with the same Pagico ID account and have this option enabled, then Pagico will take care of the rest.


Pagico uses a secured SSL/TLS tunnel for data transmission, and a 256-bit AES encryption for your data stored on our servers. Your shared items will be stored on our servers for syncing purpose only. As soon as you unshare (or delete) an item, it is immediately removed from our servers. Please note that currently we do not employ end-to-end encryption, as our server needs to look at your data to conduct proper data merging actions. If you wish to stay offline, you can choose to keep the Personal Cloud option disabled.

Capacity and Cost

The default tier of the Personal Cloud feature is free for everyone to use. It comes with a 1 GiB data sync capacity, unlimited personal devices and never expires. By personal devices, we are referring to Pagico-running devices that are signed in with the same Pagico ID account.

For most people, this is more than enough, as tasks, lists, notes, projects and clients are quite space-efficient. But if you need extra sync capacity for documents and other assets, then you can purchase capacity upgrades starting from as low as $10 per year.

Upgrading and Downgrading

To change the Personal Cloud capacity, log on to your Pagico ID portal, and click the "Upgrade / Renew" button under the Personal Cloud section. 

Personal Sync vs. Personal Cloud

The main functionality difference between Personal Sync workspaces and Personal Cloud is that the former offers selective sync capability (i.e. you need to choose what to be included in the data sync), while the latter automatically syncs everything.

From the pricing standpoint, the Personal Sync workspace and the new Personal Cloud are priced similarly at the 2GiB level, while the Personal Cloud certainly offers more scalability:

  Personal Sync Personal Cloud (New)
Cost for 1GiB N/A FREE
Cost for 2GiB $10/year N/A
Cost for 4GiB N/A Included in all service plans
Cost for 6GiB N/A  


Notes for Personal Sync Users

Most of Pagico 8 users already use a Personal Sync workspace to keep things in sync. Here's what you can do:

Option 1: Like selective sync? Continue with the Personal Sync Workspace.

You can continue to do so if you prefer the selective sync nature of the workspace. In this case, no action is needed, and do not enable the Personal Cloud.

Option 2: Like to sync all? Convert to Personal Cloud.

You can convert your existing Personal Sync to the new Personal Cloud with a single click. By doing so, your Personal Sync will automatically convert to the Personal Cloud at the 2GiB tier with its service duration remain the same. Your data in the workspace will also remain, meaning that Pagico will only need to add the rest of the data to your Personal Cloud, so the initial data sync will be relatively shorter. Please do note that this conversion is one-way. Once the conversion is done, you can not convert it back to the Personal Sync workspace.

What happens if...

Paid Capacity Subscription expires?

Unlike workspaces, which will cease to exist when they expire, Personal Cloud will simply revert to its free tier after the paid capacity upgrade subscription expires.

Personal Cloud at or over capacity?

If you exceed the storage capacity of your Personal Cloud, Pagico will simply stop to sync data until the situation is resolved. The rest of your Pagico will continue to function as expected --- everything will continue to work. Just the data sync part will be on hold.

To clarify, Pagico does not place a limit on how much data you can store in your database. Pagico uses SQLite as its data engine, which is a very popular and reliable database engine that many software products use. Its technical data capacity is so great that you won't get near it even if you filled your entire hard drive.

Prefer the selective sync mode?

Sure! You can do so by:

  1. Disable the Personal Cloud feature in the Preferences section.
  2. Go to the Teams section (previously known as the Workspaces section) in the sidebar, and create a new Family team workspace.
  3. Select the items you'd like to sync across your devices.


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