Categorize content with customizable colors

This article describes a feature that is available in Pagico 9 or later.

Creating Categories

To create new or edit existing categories, please click on the Gear Cog icon from the toolbar to go to the Preferences section, then click on the "Database-Specific" item from the sidebar.


You can create unlimited categories. Every time a new category is created, a random color will be assigned to it. You can customize the color by clicking on the color box.

Using Categories

You can use these color-coded categories in pretty much anywhere in Pagico. For projects and contacts, just use the dropdown menu near the top of the header to set the category.


Alternatively, you can right-click on data objects, such as tasks or files, and set the Category property using the contextual menu.


Personal Categories vs. Team Categories

Do you work with teammates? If so, note that categories could be personal or team-wide. Personal categories are only accessible to you, while team-wide categories are also synced with everyone else. So be sure to create and use the correct categories as needed.

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