Team Package and Pricing

Unlike Pagico for single users, who need to purchase the license and the optional workspace data sync service separately, Pagico for Team has a streamlined process and billing model to make the adoption process easier. This article will detail the billing model for the Pagico Team Package.

Simplified Billing Model

To sync data among teammates, a team needs a Team Sync workspace, whose service fee is the only cost for teams. At just $4 per user per month (when billed annually), Pagico is an affordable and powerful productivity platform for small teams who need a robust data structure with high performance online & offline experiences. The Pagico licenses are included*, and everyone enjoys free software upgrades, including paid upgrades.

* Pagico licenses are only included in Team Sync (Gen-2).The workspace-sponsored licenses require an active Team Sync subscription to stay valid. To check if your Team Sync workspace is Gen-2 or not, log in to your Pagico ID portal.


Data Sync Storage

The sync capacity of Team Sync (Gen-2) workspace depends on the number of users it supports. Each user brings 2GiB of sync storage to the team workspace. For example, a 3-user Team Sync workspace will have a 6GiB of sync storage capacity.

Please do note that Pagico runs locally on everyone's computer. Each user can store unlimited data in their databases locally. Only the data added to the Team Sync workspace counts towards the workspace data storage capacity, and users can move old content out of the workspace at any time to reduce clutter and free up workspace data capacity.


Paying for the Team Package

If the team decides to continue with Pagico after the free trial period, the team leader needs to pay for the workspace before the free trial expires. This can be done by logging into the Pagico ID portal, and click on the "Renew or Resize" button next to the Team Sync workspace. Once the workspace is renewed, all its sponsored licenses and its content will remain valid and carry forward.

Resizing the Team Package

The Team Package will automatically adjust its size during the free trial period. But if a team needs to resize during the paid usage period, the team leader can log into the Pagico ID portal, and click on the "Renew or Resize" button next to the Team Sync workspace. Additional (prorated) cost may incur based on the user count change.


This document was updated on May 1, 2019.

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