Various Tiers of Cloud-Based Data Sync Service

Pagico has a built-in cloud-based data sync service called Teams. Various teams tiers are available for different purposes. Teams can be created right inside Pagico.

Personal Cloud

The Personal Cloud service was first introduced in Pagico 9. It offers seamless data sync experience across all your devices, and it's the recommended way for you to keep all your devices in sync. For more information on the Personal Cloud feature, please read this article. The Personal Cloud is a sync-all solution. If you turned it on, you will see the same data on all your devices. This is the default preference by most individual users. But if you wish to sync data selectively instead, please use the Personal Sync option (below).

Personal Sync

Successor of the previous Personal Workspace, Personal Sync offers larger sync capacity (2GiB, up from 512MiB) and supports unlimited devices. Personal Sync also offers simplified UI that’s easier to use and setup. Simply sign-in with your Pagico ID account and your Pagico is connected! It’s that easy. What’s also new with the Personal Sync is that you can choose to sync everything with a single click, in addition to the traditional selective sync. The new Personal Sync is priced at $10 per year, and it is the new default choice of workspace for all new Pagico ID users.

Benefits of the new Personal Sync Workspace

  • Unlimited devices, 2GiB data capacity
  • Simplified UI for easier setup and improved user experience
  • Selective Sync
  • Low cost: just $0.83 per month!

Team Sync

Replacing all the previous team workspace tiers, the new Team Sync workspace is a scalable workspace tier that lets you choose the number of users (not devices) that need to sync data. It is also designed to be much easier to setup for teams: simply put in the email addresses of your teammates and they’re all set! All workspace memberships are now tied to Pagico ID accounts, which means that you just need to invite each of your teammates once, and all their personal devices will have access to the team’s workspace. The Team Sync workspace capacity is scalable, too. With each additional user, the workspace’s sync capacity increases by 2GiB. For example, a Team Sync for 4 users will have 8GiB of sync capacity. Like its predecessors, the new Team Sync workspace comes with special features for teams, including workspace-wide timeline, calendar, and activity feed.  Moving forward, additional team-specific features will be rolled out to further optimize productivity for teams. The new Team Sync is now available for creation in Pagico 8.14, and it is priced as low as $1.5 per user per month, when billed annually.

Benefits of the new Team Sync Workspace

  • Scalable sync capacity (2-16 users, unlimited devices, 4 – 32GiB data capacity)
  • Team-specific features such as workspace-wide calendar, timeline and activity feed
  • Simplified invitation system for easier team setup
  • Free Pagico software upgrades (including major, paid upgrades) with an active Team Sync workspace subscription
  • Low cost: as low as $1.5 per user per month (when billed annually)

Legacy Workspace Tiers

Personal Workspace

Supports data sync with up to 4 devices and has a sync storage capacity of 512MiB.

Family Workspace

Supports data sync with up to 8 devices and has a sync storage capacity of 1GiB.

Small Team Workspace

Supports data sync with up to 16 devices and has a sync storage capacity of 2GiB.

Mid-Size Team Workspace

Supports data sync with up to 32 devices and has a sync storage capacity of 4GiB.

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