Saving items to your Inbox via CLI

Pagico has a Command Line Interface (CLI) to save new items to your Inbox.

Command Syntax

On macOS:

/Applications/ {options}

On Windows:

"C:\Program Files\Pagico\CodeX\external\" {options}

On Ubuntu:

/opt/pagico/CodeX/external/ {options}


Command Parameters

Please note that all the values should be base64 encoded (unless the plaintext option is set).


Type: Type of the new item. Possible values are "Text", "Task" or "File". (required)

plaintext: To enable the use of plaintext parameter content, which doesn't support line breaks or other special character. (optional)

Note-specific parameters

Title: Title of the note (required)

Content: Body of the new note (required)

Task-specific parameters

Title: Title of the new task with NLP support (required)

Desc: Description of the new task (optional)

StartDate: A string representation of the start date (optional)

DueDate: A string representation of the due date (optional)

File-specific parameters

Path: The path to the file that will be imported (required)



To create a new task for tomorrow:

/Applications/ plaintext Type="Task" Title="Get grocery" DueDate="tomorrow"

To create a new task and take advantage of the NLP capability:

/Applications/ plaintext Type="Task" Title="Create UI mockups from Monday to Wednesday"

To create a new note without the plaintext option (parameter values are base64 encoded for better support of line breaks):

/Applications/ Type="VGV4dA==" Title="SGVsbG8sIHdvcmxkIQ==" Content="SGVyZSBpcyB0aGUgYm9keSBvZiB0aGUgbm90ZQ=="

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