Service Plan Benefits: Premium Features

If you have an active Pagico service plan, you have exclusive access to some of the Pagico features known as the Premium Features. These are the features that rely on the Pagico cloud servers to function. This article gives you an overview on how these features can help you get more done with ease.


Ever wanted to create tasks via email? You can with the Email-to-Task feature! Simply send a new email (or forward an existing message) to your personalize Pagico inbox address, Pagico will pick up the message and turn the subject & body into a task stored right in your Pagico inbox! When importing the task, Pagico will also apply the Natural Language Processing algorithm, so any dates/times in the subject line will automatically get recognized and set accordingly.


Embedded Map Views

Interactive Map View.gif

Make trip plans with ease by incorporating interactive maps right in your projects!


Content Public Share

Public Share - Notify Subscribers.gif

Have projects that you wish to share with non-Pagico users? Use the Public Share features to convert your project into a weblink and share with anyone online! Better yet – use the integrated email notification feature to keep your “subscribers” up-to-date with ease!


Automated Workflow – Email Functionality

With the Automated Workflow feature, you can configure Pagico to send out emails automatically. This feature can be quite useful when comes to sending welcome emails to new clients, or sending important project updates to teammates. Check out this tutorial on an example of this feature:


More to come!

More cloud-based workflow actions, such as Slack integrations, are on our roadmap! We will roll them out as soon as they are ready.

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