Make Action Buttons with Workflows

For workflows with manual triggers, they can be invoked by right-clicking on most data objects, or by clicking on the "+" button in a project or contact. But if you prefer a faster and more direct way to engage these workflows, you can create action buttons.

To create an action button, you will use the inline link capability to link to an existing workflow. For example, if you have a workflow called "Create New Release Checklist", you can type in [Create New Release Checklist]" in a note body or a list item using the inline link syntax [target-name]. Pagico should provide auto-complete suggestions as you type out the target name.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 10.18.00 AM.png

Once you are done, save the note (or list item). The inline links will be rendered as a button. You can activate this workflow with a single click on it.


Things to Know

  • Only workflows with manual triggers can be activated in this way.
  • The object which the inline link resides in will be passed into the workflow as the initial data object. For example, if the first action creates a data object, the new data object will be created next to the data object containing the inline link. If the first action creates a new list item, then the new list item will be inserted after the list item that contains the action button.
  • If you wish to make changes in (or add new data objects to) a different container, you can use the "Save to" field in workflow actions.
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