Workflow Idea: Auto-Send Email

Do you often need to send routine reminder emails to colleagues or clients? With the Automated Workflow feature, you can let Pagico perform these routine tasks for you. For example, the sample workflow below lets Pagico automatically send out a reminder email to a colleague when a specific task is marked as completed.

How To

  1. Go to your Workflow Editor, then create a new workflow.
  2. Create a trigger for "Task updated". In the filter conditions section, set Title to match "@marketing" and Status to "Completed"
  3. Create an action for "Send email". Then select the desired recipient from within your Pagico database. Set subject to "Marketing Action Completed" and body to "Action Completed". Also, enable "Include a copy of the object in the email" option. By enabling this option, the object from the trigger (or the previous action step) will get included in the email as well.
  4. Verify all information, then enable the workflow.

Setting the Recipient

The Send Email action could take the contact object passed in from the previous step (if any) and use the email address for that contact as the recipient. You can also manually select a contact from your database, or enter an email address by hand. If you set an email address, then the email address from previous steps (if any) will be ignored.

Controlling Spam & Service Eligibility

To minimize the potential of service abuse, the email sending service is rate limited to 24 every day, and the service is only available to Pagico users with an active service plan (or team users with an active team subscription). The daily email quota may be increased as we continue to monitor the service usage.

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