Workflow Idea: Auto Task Assignment

Do you have a typical process when comes to certain tasks? For example, for tasks matching a certain tag (such as @important or @marketing), you may want to set a category, put it on schedule, and maybe assign it to a teammate of yours? You can configure this process with the Automated Workflow feature to save you time.

Workflow Teaser-Task Assignment.gif

How To

  1. Go to your Workflow Editor, and create a new workflow.
  2. Set the trigger to "a new task", then configure the condition of the trigger to include "Title", and set a keyword, such as "@important".
  3. Create a new action, and set the action type to "Set category", then select your desired category.
  4. Create another action, and set the action type to "Assign to a teammate", then select the desired teammate.
  5. Do you wish to set a due date? If so, you can add another action "Update Task", then set a desired date to the start/due fields.
  6. When all done, be sure to turn ON the workflow.

Triggering the Workflow

Once the workflow is enabled, any new task carrying the tag you specified in step 2 will automatically trigger the workflow. If you wish to have the workflow triggered when existing tasks are updated to carry the specific keywords, you need to set the trigger to "Task updated" instead.

Entering Dates

When configuring actions to create (or update) dates, you can enter a date phrase such as "Today", "Tomorrow 3pm", "June 15, 2024", or "Jun 15, 17:00". In addition, you can also enter relative date phrases, such as "+5 days" or "+2 weeks". The date phrases you entered will be parsed when the workflow is executed, meaning that the relative dates/times will be determined based on the time of workflow execution.

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