Workflow Idea: Create Routine Tasks

Do you have to repeatedly create the same set of actions? For example, it could be a standard list of actions for every new design project you initiate, or for every new client you get. You can use the Automated Workflow feature to let Pagico complete this process for you. This article describes the process of creating such a workflow.

Workflow Teaser-Routine Tasks.gif

How To

  1. Go to your Workflow Editor, and create a new workflow.
  2. Set the trigger to "A new list", then configure the condition of the trigger to include "Title", and set a keyword, such as "Weekend Plans". Then, save the trigger.
  3. Create a new action, and set the action type to "Create a new list item".
  4. Configure the first task by setting its caption, description, and/or start/due dates (see Entering Dates section below). Then, save the action info.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all the additional list items you wish to create.
  6. Review all actions to ensure accuracy, then turn on the workflow.

Triggering the Workflow

To trigger this workflow, simply go to a project or a contact, then create a new list titled "A new list". Pagico will automatically trigger the workflow and create the additional list items right away. The results (and potentially errors, if any) of the workflow execution will be displayed in the notification section.

Entering Dates

When configuring actions to create (or update) dates, you can enter a date phrase such as "Today", "Tomorrow 3pm", "June 15, 2024", or "Jun 15, 17:00". In addition, you can also enter relative date phrases, such as "+5 days" or "+2 weeks". The date phrases you entered will be parsed when the workflow is executed, meaning that the relative dates/times will be determined based on the time of workflow execution.

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