Resetting Your Cloud-Side Content

Pagico comes with cloud-based data sync functionalities that allow you to sync your Inbox and database content through the cloud, so you will get the same data on all your devices. But this also means that it could be tricky if you wish to clear your Pagico data and restart with a clean slate, as Pagico will automatically download your data even when you start a new database or install Pagico on a new system. This article describes how to clear your data both locally and on the cloud-side, so you can start with a clean slate if you wish.

Note: This article describes features introduced in the March 2024 edition of Pagico.


What's involved?

Inbox Data

Your Inbox data includes everything visible in the Inbox section, as well as your personal categories. To see what your personal categories are, go to the Preferences section then switch to the Database-Specific tab. In the Categories section, look for the "My Own Categories" section. By clearing out your Inbox data, your Inbox data on the cloud side will be removed. Locally, your Inbox data storage is re-initiated with a blank state, but the originals are backed up with a unique name just in case data recovery is needed.

Personal Cloud and Database

This includes everything listed under Projects and Contacts sections. All your projects, contacts, and their content (including files attachments), are stored on the cloud-side under the Personal Cloud service. By resetting this option, everything stored in your Personal Cloud on the cloud-side will be erased. Pagico will not delete your local database. Instead, it will prompt you to create a new database to start from scratch. Your original database and all its data are still on your system in case data recovery is needed.


Resetting Inbox and/or Personal Cloud Data

  1. Go to the Preferences section by clicking on the Gear icon in the toolbar.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the "Toggle Troubleshooting Mode" button to reveal the additional advanced actions.
  3. Check "Inbox" if you wish to reset the Inbox data. Check "Personal Cloud and Database" if you wish to reset your database content.
  4. Click on the "Reset selected data" button to start the process, which may take up to a minute to complete.
  5. After the data reset, you are all set on this current device. If you have Pagico running on other computers, please perform the same data reset actions on these systems to prevent your old data being uploaded to the cloud again. For mobile apps, please delete your Pagico Mobile from your device, then re-install from the AppStore.



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