Backing up your databases

Pagico stores your data in database documents on your computer, and we recommended you to make periodic backups.

Step 1: Locating your database

If you are on macOS, your default database should be located right inside your HOME folder. Simply switch to Finder, and use the menu command Go -> Home to open up your Home folder, and you should see your database called "Pagico Data.pgco" there.

If you are on Windows, your default database should be located inside your Documents folder. It will look like a folder that is named as "Pagico Data.pgco". When backing up, please backup this entire folder. Please do not change its content.

Please note that it is possible that you may use a different database. To check the location of the database that's currently in-use, follow these steps:

  1. Open Pagico
  2. Use the menu commands "File -> Close Database" to return to the Welcome screen
  3. Look at the database list on the right. The first item in the list is the most recently accessed one. Its path is displayed right under the database name.

Step 2: Backing up

Backing up your database is very simple --- just make a copy of it and store the copy in the desired location. You can rename it for archiving purposes, its data will not be affected in any way.


When you need to revert to an older database, simply remove the current database, then drop in the archived database. If you are on macOS, you can double click on this database to open it with Pagico. If you're on Windows, you'll need to go to Pagico, and use the menu commands "File -> Open database" to select this ".pgco" folder from the Open dialogue.

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