Mac: Email messages are opened by incorrect client apps?

Many users prefer a different email client than the stock Apple Mail. But when you click on imported email messages in Pagico, the system-default email app may automatically launch to open the email, which is not the desired behavior. To change this behavior, please follow the steps below:

1) Locate the email object in Pagico. 

2) Hover your mouse over the file object, right-click, and choose "Show in Folder" in the popup menu.


3) A Finder window will open with the target file in view. Right-click on the file, press and hold the Option key, and choose "Show Inspector" in the popup menu.

4) In the Inspector panel, change the "Open with" value to the desired application, and click "Change All" to apply this setting to all similar files.

Now you're all set! You can close the Inspector and the Finder window, return to Pagico, click on the email object icon to test the result.

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