Having sync issues?

If you are experiencing sync issues, go to the Preferences section (by clicking on the Gear icon in the toolbar) and check these things first:

1. Make sure Pagico can reach our servers

Some times there can be random internet jitters that may cause incomplete data syncs. Go to the Preferences section and make sure that you’re seeing green lights for all the services. If Pagico cannot reach a service, then it could indicate network problems (or that we brought the service down for maintenance). So be sure to follow us on Twitter for notices on scheduled maintenances.

2. Is it your Inbox?

If stuff in your inbox isn’t syncing across your devices, you just want to make sure you are signed in with the same Pagico ID account, and that you have the InboxSync option enabled. In your Pagico, switch to the Preferences section and double check the Sharing & Syncing section.

3. Is your workspace listed in the sidebar?

As you know, projects and contacts are synced via workspaces. So you need to make sure your workspace is there. If your workspace isn’t shown under the Workspaces section in the sidebar, then you need to connect to it. If it’s your workspace, you can go to the Preferences section and click on the Auto-Join button to let Pagico do its job. If it’s a workspace created by someone else, then you need to contact the workspace owner and get an invitation code to get in.

4. Is your workspace sync paused?

If you copied your database from a different computer, or if you’re using the same database on more than one computer (e.g. via dropbox), then Pagico will attempt to pause the workspace sync feature in order to avoid data corruption. If you believe this is done incorrectly, you can enable the option to resume the data sync.

Note: You should leave this option OFF if you are syncing your database using a 3rd-party solution, such as Dropbox. Enabling both sync mechanisms at the same time can result in data corruption.

5. Are your stuff correctly shared in your workspace?

As you might know, the workspace feature is a selective sync which allows you to manually choose what gets included in the sync. So if you're wondering why certain projects or contacts aren't showing up on your other device, be sure to visit the workspace section (from the sidebar) and confirm that these items are indeed listed there. If you don't see them listed in your workspace, then they are not being shared.

To share projects & contacts, simply click on the "Share an existing item..." button from this view and select the desired items. Alternatively, you can also go to a project, then click on the "SHARE" button on the right to select your workspace.

Contact us

If you continue to experience sync issues, please let us know and briefly describe the situation. We’ll be happy to look into it for you!

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