Cross-linking everything

In Pagico, it’s very easy to create “hyperlinks” to connect different objects together.

Linking list items (tasks) and notes with others

Simply hover your mouse cursor over an existing list item, and click on the Link icon. This will bring up the Link Helper panel from which you can select the link target(s).


In the Link Helper panel, the first tab shows all your data containers. Select the ones that you’d like to link to, and click the checkmark button to create the link(s). You can select multiple items at once. If you have a relatively large database with lots of options, just type a few keywords in the search field to quickly filter the results.

If you wish to link the current item with another note, list or file, you need to type in the search field first. Pagico will then perform an extensive search and populate the Items tab. For the interest of performance, the Items tab will be empty by default.


Linking containers (projects & contacts) together

You can set up container-level links, too. To do so, simply look at the sidebar on the right and click “Add” in the Linked Projects & Contacts section.

Every container-level link is two-way, meaning that you will also see this current container showing up in the foot note area of the target container.

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