Using Collections

The collection feature is like folders. It’s a great tool that lets you see your data in a different perspective. There are two different types of collections: Static and Smart.

Static Collection

Static collections are like regular folders for projects and contacts. You can name the collection any way you want, and select which projects and contacts get included. This is a great way to group certain projects and contacts together, perfect for those complex events that involve multiple mini projects.

Smart Collection

Smart collections are like the smart playlists in iTunes. They are keyword-based. You define a search criteria, and Pagico will fill your collection automatically based on the search keyword, and keep it up-to-date. You can use smart collections to filter things based on tags (e.g. @context), or just plaintext search. The main advantage of smart collections is that they can not only contain projects and contacts, but also tasks, notes and even files. When used properly, this can be an extremely helpful tool.

Creating New Collections

To create a new collection, click on the “down” arrow next to the “+” button in the toolbar, and choose “Collection”.

Reordering Collections

Collections will be displayed in the sidebar. You can reorder these items by dragging the item icons.


All collections have their own timeline views. So, you can group a few related projects together in a collection and see a Timeline view with things only from these projects.

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