Using your Inbox

The Inbox section is designed for small things that don’t belong to any projects or contacts, and for temporary storage of things that will be categorized later. Inbox can contain notes, files, lists and tasks. Items in your Inbox can be easily moved to any project or contact in your database. To move items, simply hover your cursor over the desired data object, right-click, then click the “Move to…” menu command.


Access from any database

Another advantage of using Inbox, is that it’s available across databases. This is helpful if you use multiple databases, you will access the same inbox data no matter which database you’re in.

Inbox data can also be synchronized across your computers and devices, as long as they’re all signed in with the same Pagico ID account.


Saving data to Inbox outside of Pagico

Last but not least, using the Inbox is about being fast and efficient. Along with your Pagico main app, a Pagico Helper app (available for OS X and Windows) is included. This is an app that lives in your system menu bar and allows you to quickly save new tasks, notes and files using system-wide global keyboard shortcuts.

Alternatively, we also offer an Alfred 2 PowerPack Workflow and OS X system services to let you easily save data to your Inbox. Please note that these items are available on OS X only, and you can find these items in the Extras folder inside the Pagico Installer package (DMG).


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