Managing things by projects

Projects are data containers that can store notes, tasks, lists, and files. So you can use projects for anything ranging from the planning of an event, a trip, to a work project of any kind.

To create new projects, simply click on the “down” icon next to the “+” button in the toolbar, then choose “New Project”. The keyboard shortcut for this is ⌘N (or Ctrl+N on Windows or Ubuntu).


Arranging content

Projects are just data containers that can be titled and tagged. At present, three display modes are available: By Type (the default view), By Manual Order, and Newest on Top. You can change the display mode at any time, and the selected mode will be remembered for the current project.

Re-ordering data objects is simple — just hover your mouse cursor over the object to reveal the control strip, and drag the handle = icon. Please do note that when you drag objects around to reorder, Pagico will automatically switch to Manual Order as the display mode to preserve your custom item order.

Starring it (Bookmark)

If you need to frequently access a project, it can save you time by adding it to the Starred list (in the sidebar). To do so, just click on the Star button in the header section. Clicking on the same button removes the project from the Starred list.

The Starred items in the sidebar can be reordered by dragging the item icons.

Archiving it

All projects should have limited life. And when they’re done, you can use the More actions -> Archive feature in the header section to archive the entire project. Once archived, this project will become invisible and will not be included in search results. However, you can still reveal archived items in the Projects view (by scrolling to the bottom and click on the “show archived items” link.

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