Tagging tasks and notes

Tags are keywords that describe an object, and you can tag literally anything in Pagico.

Tasks and notes don’t really have a dedicated Tags field. However, you can use the @syntax to write tags anywhere (in the title or notes field). For example, for a task to pick up grocery, you can simply write:


One key benefit of using tags is that you can search everything tagged with the same keywords with a single click. So be sure to reuse tags properly.

Adding New Tags

Once you typed the @ symbol, Pagico will trigger an auto-complete feature to let you select an existing tag. If a new tag is needed, simply type out the tag manually. The tag will be automatically added to the tags list.

Removing Tags

To remove tags from an object, simply switch to the Edit mode and remove the unwanted @tag phrases. A tag will be automatically removed from the auto-complete list when it is no longer used anywhere in your database.

Searching for Tagged Items

You can type in @keyword in the search field to perform a search for everything that’s tagged with the same keyword. Alternatively, you can click on an existing tag to trigger the search. If the search is frequently needed, you can save the search by clicking on the Save this search button to save it as a Smart Collection.

Writing multi-word tags

To write multi-word tags, please use hyphens to connect the words. For example: @web-project, or @phone-call.

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