Importing files and emails

You can import all kinds of documents into Pagico. Besides dropping files into the New Task or New Note panel, you can also drop files directly into Inbox, any project or contacts. Pagico will try to generate and display a thumbnail of the file, if possible. By default, files imported into Pagico are duplicated into your Pagico database. This allows you to import files into Pagico and get rid of the originals to reduce clutter.

Pagico will try to scan imported email messages for important metadata, such as the subject, and the sender’s info for a more informative display.

But in some cases, you may wish to link to external files instead. To do so, simply press and hold the Option key (or the Alt key on Windows or Ubuntu).

Files can be tagged (keywords), and the tags will be used by the search feature to offer relevant results.

Newer versions of Outlook on Windows appear to be behaving incorrectly when comes to dragging and dropping emails. So if you are unable to import emails from Outlook to Pagico, please drop these emails to your desktop first (to generate the message files), then drag those .msg files into Pagico to import. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are working on a solution. This issue does not affect Outlook on Mac.

For Ubuntu users, please drop files onto the Dock Icon to import.

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