Writing new tasks (and lists)

Creating a new task is quick and easy — just click on the “+” button in the toolbar to bring up the New Task panel. Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcut ⌘T (or Ctrl+T on Windows/Ubuntu).

The task caption area supports Natural Language Processing (NLP), which automatically scans for date & time and sets them as start/due accordingly. If you wish to set these details manually, you can press the "down arrow" key on your keyboard, or click on the "Set color, repeat and more" button to reveal these individual fields (and set custom alerts, etc).

Please note that the NLP feature is disabled when you edit existing tasks or list items, to avoid overwriting your custom dates & times.

You can attach files or emails to tasks. Simply drop in file(s) or emails when the New Task panel is visible, and the files will be imported and linked to the task when it is saved.

The Save-To field has a default value of Inbox, which can be erased and changed to any existing projects or contacts. Pagico offers auto-complete for the Save To field, so it’s quite easy to select the desired project or contact.

Tasks and Lists

Pagico allows you to easily create tasks, and lists.

Lists are like checklists; they have a List Title, and they can contain one or more list items. Lists can be used for a number of things, such as a checklist, packing list, grocery list, etc. To create a list, you need to go to a container first, click on the "+" button inside the container then choose "New list".

Turning Tasks into Lists

Technically, tasks are just single-item lists. But since we don't need to give a list title to those single-item lists, Pagico automatically hides the Title field to present tasks in a more compact fashion. But if you want, you can append more items by hovering your cursor over a task, and choose "Add an item" button from the control strip. By doing so, you'll be adding another list item in the same list, and Pagico will reveal the Title field for this list automatically.

Reordering list items and moving items across lists

You can reorder list items by hovering over a list item and dragging the up/down arrow. In the same fashion, you can drag items from one list to another.

Merging a Task into a List


Breaking a List Item into a Task


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