Trying Pagico for free

Pagico, our flagship task manager app, is compatible with most computers running OS X, Windows and Ubuntu. You can download Pagico and use for free for 15 days, no payment required upfront.

Pagico Plus, the mobile companion for Pagico, is available for iOS and Android. Pagico Plus is free, and can be downloaded directly from the AppStore and Google Play store. You can visit our download section to get the corresponding download links.

Data Sync Plans

If you need to sync data between Pagico on your computer and Pagico on your mobile device(s), then you will need a workspace. A Personal Workspace will be created automatically for you when you create your Pagico ID account for the first time. This personal workspace will be free to use for 6 months before the one-time cost of $10 occurs. You can create bigger workspaces as well, and they all come with a 30-day free trial and no payment is required upfront.

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