Setting up Pagico for your team

This article is designed to give you an overview on how to set up Pagico for your team.

Team Manager

If you are the one who’s in charge of setting up Pagico for your team, then this section is for you.

To setup Pagico for your team, you need these things:

  1. Get Pagico: Install Pagico for Desktop on you and your teammates’ computers.
  2. A Pagico ID account. You can create your account right inside the Preferences section.
    If you already have a Pagico iD account, you can certainly use it. But to check if your Pagico ID status, please go to the Preferences view and look at the Pagico ID section. If you can see your name and email listed under the Pagico ID section, you're all set.
  3. Create 1 workspace.
    1. Go to the Workspaces section from the sidebar
    2. Sign up for a Pagico ID account, then sign in.
    3. Click on the "+" button and choose "Create a new workspace", then follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. All workspaces come with a 30-day free trial period, so no payment is required to perform this action.

  4. Invite your teammates into your workspace.
    Workspaces are like shared folders, in which your team can share and sync projects and contacts. So, normally a small team only needs one workspace. The idea is that you want to invite all your teammates to the same workspace, so you all can see the shared projects/contacts, and share new data. All workspace participants will have read and write access to all shared items.

    To invite your teammates, you need to go to Workspaces section -> Settings tab, and click on the “Invite” button to generate an invitation code. Each invitation code will work only once (as a security measure), so be sure to create one code for each team member.


    It is recommended that you use the Send via Email feature, which will not only send the invitation code to the recipient, but also a brief instruction on the general setup of Pagico. This will help the recipients get up to speed with Pagico.

    New in Pagico 8.14: The invitation-via-email is the default mode of delivery now. All you need is email addresses of your teammates, and Pagico will take care of the rest.

Team Members

If your team already has Pagico with a workspace set up and you’re trying to join it, then this section is for you.

Assuming that your team manager has already set up your team’s workspace, you just need to join the workspace to access the shared items. Here’s how:

  1. Get Pagico. Install Pagico on your computer, and create a database. Store it somewhere on your computer (usually the Documents folder).
    Alternatively, you can install Pagico Plus on your iOS or Android device. Sign up for a Pagico ID account if you don’t have one yet.

  2. Join your team’s workspace.
    To do so, you’ll need an invitation code. Ask your team manager for a code. Once you have it, go to the Workspaces section, click on the “+” button and choose “Join an existing workspace”. Put in the invitation code and hit enter, then Pagico should take care of the rest.
    For Pagico Mobile for iPhone and Android, switch to the projects or contacts section, tap on the All Workspaces heading, then choose the “Join an existing workspace” option to enter your invitation code.

    New in Pagico 8.14: All workspace invitations are tied to Pagico ID accounts now. That means if you joined a workspace on your Mac, then you will also be part of it on your other Mac (if any) or your iPhone.

Next Steps

Now that everyone is properly set up, you can learn about how to delegate tasks (and notes) among your teammates.

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