Assigning tasks among teammates

Step 1: Share the “Myself” contact in your team’s workspace

Go to the Contacts section and locate your “myself” contact, which is signified by a star icon. Make to rename your “myself” contact with your name, and that it's already shared in your team's workspace.

Do not see your "Myself" contact showing up in the Contacts -> Teammates section? Make sure you turn this feature on in the Preferences section. It's located under the Sharing & Syncing -> Team Sync section.

Step 2: Assign tasks using the Link Helper panel.

To assign tasks to your teammate, you just need to create a link from the task to the teammate's Myself contact. To create this link, locate the task in question, right-click on it and choose "Link with..." from the popup menu.

Then select the corresponding teammate's contact profile in the Link Helper panel.

If you have lots of items in the link helper, use the filter field to quickly find the item(s). Then confirm the link. The task will look like this after establishing the link:

And more importantly, all linked tasks will also show up in the Inbound Links section of the contacts.

Filtering Content By Teammates

It’s easy to have too many tasks flying around in your team’s workspace, and these tasks may become distracting. To filter content based on teammates, check out this article that talks about filtering content by teammates.



Common Questions

Not seeing your Myself contact?

You probably haven't enabled this option yet. Please switch to the Preferences section and toggle ON the Myself contact option.

Your teammates are not seeing your Myself contact?

You probably haven't shared your Myself contact in your team's workspace. Normally your Myself contact is automatically shared in all the workspaces that you're part of. But if you enabled your Myself contact feature after joining your workspaces, some workspaces might be missed out.

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