Using the Myself Contact

In order to delegate tasks to individual teammates, each of the team member needs to have a contact representing themselves. Pagico can let you do this easily by enabling the Myself contact option found in the Preferences section.

Once the Myself contact option is enabled, a new special contact profile representing yourself will appear in your Contacts list with a blue label "ME", and its name will be the name you’ll appear in to others in your workspaces.


With this contact, your teammates can easily assign tasks to you, and you can keep track of all the assigned tasks in one place. 

Version 8 Users

The Myself contact is now tied to your Pagico ID account. This way, you can enable Myself contact option on all your computers and end up with just one Myself contact representing you across all your devices.

Version 7 Users

Please note that your Myself contact is tied to your database. Therefore, if you own multiple computers and they are all in the same workspace, then you’ll end up having multiple Myself contacts, which can be counter-intuitive. So be sure to enable the Myself contact on only one computer. if you don’t need your Myself contact, you can disable it in the Preferences section.

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