Managing contacts

Pagico allows you to manage contacts in your database. Similar to projects, contacts in Pagico are also data containers that can handle all types of data objects. You can easily manage everything specific to a contact, along with all the contact info.

Creating Contacts

There are multiple ways to create new contacts. You can use the “down” arrow near the “+” button in the toolbar, use keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘N (or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows and Ubuntu), or switch to the Contacts section in the sidebar and create a new contact by typing in the New Contact text field.

Managing Contact Info

Once you’re in a contact profile, the right hand sidebar is the place for all the typical contact information, including contact photo, email, phone number and so on. But Pagico offers something very unique here: You can write anything you like to have about your contacts. Simply type info fields using the key:value syntax like this:

tel : 1234567

And Pagico will recognize the “tel” being the key, and “1234567” being the value. This means you have total control on what shows up as the descriptions of your clients. Feel free to define their department, their preferred contact time, or even their social network handles, etc.

Grouping Contacts

The coolest part? Once you have multiple contacts sharing similar fields, Pagico can list relevant contacts in groups based on their contact info. Simply click on the “group” icon near the label and you’ll see the group showing up under the Contacts section in the sidebar.

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