Managing projects with the tag browser

Pagico has a powerful tag browser that lets you navigate your projects in a hierarchical structure. This can be incredibly helpful when you have lots of projects.

The tag browser is located in the Projects list view. You can see it by clicking on the “Projects” item in the sidebar. This tag browser is smart enough to analyze your tag usage and generate a tree structure automatically. So all you need to do is to tag your projects properly.

Tagging your projects

To help the tag browser generate the tree structure, you tag your projects following these tips:

  • Use multiple common keywords for your projects
  • Re-use these common keywords across your projects

For example, if I’m a frequent traveler, then I would create a project for each of my trips, and tag them like this:

Title: Trip A
Tags: travel, personal, 2016 Spring
Title: Trip B
Tags: travel, business, 2016 Summer

By tagging all my trips in this fashion, I would be able to select the Travel tag, then browse all my trips by nature (personal or business), then filter all trips by time.

In summary, the key to taking the most out of the tag browser is to use multiple keywords for each project, and reuse these common keywords as much as possible.

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