Planning your day (and prioritizing tasks) with the Today view

The timeline feature is a great way to let you see the big picture of your schedule. But when comes to being productive, an important step is to focus on your current day and reduce distraction. Pagico has a feature designed just for this purpose, and it's called the Today view. By default, it pops up automatically after your database is opened. You can also bring it up at any time by clicking on the Today button in the toolbar:


The Today view offers you a focused, clear and informative status of your day, including everything scheduled, tasks completed, and things that are overdue. It allows you to easily prioritize tasks for the current day, and drag tasks around to quickly reschedule.

Prioritizing & Rescheduling

Pagico doesn't let you explicitly assign priority to tasks. But it’s very easy to prioritize and reschedule tasks if necessary. Simply hover your mouse cursor over the desired task, and drag the handle to move it. Move tasks within a list to prioritize, or drag it across lists to reschedule.

Always at your disposal

The Today view is designed to be brought up quickly at any time. Besides using the Today button in the toolbar, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + 0 (or Ctrl + 0 if you’re on Windows).

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