Setting up data sync among your devices

To sync data among your own computers and devices, you'll need two things:

  1. A Pagico ID account
  2. A workspace

Don't have a Pagico ID account yet?

You can sign up for your free Pagico ID account in either Pagico Plus the mobile app, or inside Pagico (just go to the Workspaces section and follow the on-screen instructions). You just need one Pagico ID account for Pagico on all your computers & devices. To learn more about Pagico ID account, please click here.

Already have your Pagico ID account?

Just sign in with the same Pagico ID account in Pagico on all your devices. By signing in, your Pagico will automatically enable InboxSync (free of charge) which syncs your inbox data, and it will automatically create a Personal Workspace (called "My Devices") for you. Think of a workspace as a shared folder for your projects and contacts. This workspace will let you selectively sync your projects and contacts across your devices.

Please note that workspaces are sold separately. You'll be able to use this "My Devices" workspace for free for 6 months. Then, it has a one-time cost of $10 (pricing is subject to change) if you decide to continue using it. For details on the pricing and other tiers of workspace options, please click here.

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