Auto-Grouping Projects and Contacts

Ever wanted to create custom groups for your projects and contacts, and access these groups right from your sidebar? One easy way to do this is through the Auto-Group feature, which was introduced in the May 2022 Update.


To create these container groups, you need to first configure some metadata properties for your projects (or contacts).

In the Metadata panel of any project or contact, put in metadata properties using the "key:value" syntax. For instance, for a home renovation project, you can create the following metadata properties:

Budget: $20,000
Contractor: John Smith
Cell: 123-4567890

You can use any key that makes sense to you. Once you have the properties in place, now it's time to create the auto-groups. Hover your cursor over the desired property, and click to enable (or disable) the auto-grouping on that property, as shown here:


Once the Auto-Group is enabled, the selected property key will show up in the sidebar as a sub-section. Clicking on these sub-sections will filter your projects (or contacts) and group them based on the corresponding values they carry.


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