Pricing-related common questions

This article has been updated in May 2023 to reflect up-to-date information.

Q: I need to use Pagico on my computer. What's the cost?

You would need a Pagico single user license which has a one-time cost of $65 USD and does not expire.

Q: I need to use Pagico on my computer and sync data with my mobile devices. How much does this setup cost?

You would need a Pagico single user license for your computer and the mobile app (free) for your mobile devices, if any. If you also wish to sync data among your devices, you'll need to turn on the Personal Cloud feature, which has a free tier that syncs up to 1GB of data. If you need more data sync capacity, higher tiers can be purchased. The pricing options are listed here.

Q: I have multiple computers and want to use Pagico and sync data on all these computers. What's the cost?

Each computer would need a Pagico license. However, you only pay regular price for the first license. For your other computers, simply purchase "additional seats", which are just $5 each. For example, if you have 3 computers, your total cost would be $65 + $5 + $5 = $75, and these are all one-time costs. Please note that the additional seats are tied to the primary license, and they are meant for the same user. If you wish to calculate the cost for Pagico for your team, please click here.

Q: I'd like to use Pagico for my team. What's the estimated cost?

If you wish to calculate the cost for Pagico for your team, please click here.

Q: My workspace is expiring soon (or has expired). What happens next?

A workspace is a data sync container which relies on server-side resources to function. So most workspace tiers have monthly costs. When a workspace expires, you will no longer be able to use it to sync data. However, since Pagico is a native app that runs on your computer, all the data that's currently in your database(s) will not be affected --- they will continue to be there and accessible, but just will no longer be synced over the cloud. Your Pagico licenses do not expire and you can continue to use Pagico. If you wish to keep your workspace, please do keep it renewed. If your workspace has already expired just moments ago, you can still renew it to "revive" it. Or, you can create a new workspace and go from there. To renew a workspace, please look for the workspace expiration email message and click on the link from that email.

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