Faster ways to set dates & times

When you’re setting up dates in Pagico, a mini-calendar may pop up to help you to pick a date. A quicker alternative is to enter dates by typing on your keyboard. Pagico accepts a wide range of text inputs to let you quickly set dates & times.

Using the Natural Language Processing feature


The Task Caption field in the New Task panel supports Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature, which automatically scans for date & time and sets them as start/due accordingly. For example, simply type "Meeting with John tomorrow at 10am", or "Man the booth Wednesday 9am to 5pm", and Pagico will automatically identify the dates & times and set them accordingly.

Typing dates in the date fields

Pagico accepts a wide range of ways to describe a date. Here are some examples:

  • “Yesterday”, “Today” or “Tomorrow”.
  • “Next tuesday”, or “Last wednesday”.
  • “+3 day” (three days from today) or “-1 week” (equals to “last week”)

Setting time is also easy. Just append the time info after the date, for example: “Tomorrow 17:00″ or “Today 5pm”.


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