Faster ways to set dates & times

When you’re setting up dates in Pagico, a mini-calendar may pop up to help you to pick a date. A quicker alternative is to enter dates by typing on your keyboard. Pagico accepts a wide range of text inputs to let you quickly set dates & times.

Using the Natural Language Processing feature


The Task Caption field in the New Task panel supports Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature, which automatically scans for date & time and sets them as start/due accordingly. For example, simply type "Meeting with John tomorrow at 10am", or "Man the booth Wednesday 9am to 5pm", and Pagico will automatically identify the dates & times and set them accordingly.

Typing dates in the date fields

Pagico accepts a wide range of ways to describe a date. Here are some examples:

  • “Yesterday”, “Today” or “Tomorrow”.
  • “Next tuesday”, or “Last wednesday”.
  • “+3 day” (three days from today) or “-1 week” (equals to “last week”)

Setting time is also easy. Just append the time info after the date, for example: “Tomorrow 17:00″ or “Today 5pm”.

Editing Existing Tasks

Please note that the Natural Language Processing feature is only enabled when creating new tasks. If you would like to reschedule an existing task, then you need to make the necessary changes in the Date input field. 

The date input field in the task edit interface accepts up to 2 dates/times. If you wish to only set a due date, then provide one date/time. For example:


If you wish to set a date/time range, use the "hyphen" as the delimiter. For example:


The date picker can help you select the two dates to form the date range. Both date can also carry a time component, if needed.


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