Joining and leaving teams

Joining your own teams

To join workspaces that you created in the past, simply go to the Preferences section, sign in with your Pagico ID account, and click on the "Auto-Join" button. There's no need to invite yourself to your workspace.

Joining teams created by others

To join a team that is owned/created by someone else, you will need an invitation. The owners of the said team can issue you an invitation code. Your invitation email should look like this:


Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to download, install Pagico and join your team. To clarify, the code you see near the "A" part of the email is the license code, which can be used to unlock Pagico on your computer. You'll need this to activate Pagico and remove the free trial time limitation on the software itself. Once you're in the software, switch to the Workspaces section from the sidebar, click on the "+" button, then choose the "Join an existing workspace" button. In the popup dialog panel, use the team invitation code (near the "B" part of the email above) to connect to your team.



Leaving a team

To leave a team, simply switch to the Teams section from the sidebar, hover your mouse cursor over the team in question, and click the "Leave" button. By leaving this team, you will continue to have access to all the projects & contacts that you own, but everything owned by other people/device will be automatically removed from your database.


Definition of Data Ownership
In Pagico, the author of a project or contact is the owner, and this ownership is tied to the database/device. Let's say you have two computers: a laptop and a desktop. If you created project A on your laptop and shared it in your team, then the laptop database owns the project A (and everything inside). If your desktop leaves your team, then project A will be removed from Pagico on your desktop. Alternatively, if your laptop leaves your team, then project A will be un-shared from the team but it will remain on your laptop.

Updating Container Ownership

When a team member is about to leave your team, or when you are planning to retire an old computer, this computer/device will soon leave your team. If you wish to preserve any of the shared containers that are owned by this outgoing device, you need to take the ownership of these containers first. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to this team in question.
  2. Click on the "Owner" column to sort all projects & contacts by owner
  3. Select (or multi-select) all the containers owned by the outgoing device, right-click, then choose "Take ownership" in the popup menu.

When this is done, the selected containers will be duplicated and re-ID'ed to be owned by you, the current user. The originals will be removed automatically, so you end up with duplicates.

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